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See the Gill Hobson exhibition while you can

Time and light and glass – all ingredients in the art of Gillian (Gill) Hobson, on exhibit until 30 Sept. at the Caister Arts and Heritage Centre, 28 Plough Hill. According to the artist, this is the perfect venue for her work; small and more intimate than her usual stage, with a felicitous skylight that allows full expression for the changing facets of her glass and metalwork creations.

Gill works in several different fields as a researcher and creative consultant; as an artist her creations have been commissioned by many private parties as well as health organisations, educational projects, and many more. She describes her work as “. . . reconnecting with the truth, exploring natural light and rhythms.”

The artist has a background in glassmaking, which is key to her exhibition at Caister. She says the glass itself is the inspiration for her work – she calls it a “fantastic medium”. She started out with little bowls and jewellery pieces, and they have evolved into wonderfully intricate and lavishly beautiful designs of leaded glass and copper and iron, all flowing together in towers and sprays and fountains that are a delight to the senses.

In the case of Gill’s art, ‘senses’ includes attention to space and time and change; there is nothing static in her works such as ‘Light Lines’, where glass interacts with changing light, whether moving sunlight or other ambient lighting. As one reviewer puts it, this is the sort of art that not only moves and delights the viewer, but gives anyone who sees it the urge to create something from their own mind and heart.

Detail, colours and integration of light are the literal factors that make these works so compelling, but they also have some added element that’s impossible to explain. You simply have look for yourself and let the art lead you into another world, or, actually, into a whole new perception of this one.


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