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Series of films set to being classic productions to modern day audiences

A new series of cinema releases are set to debut soon featuring works from Manet, Vermeer and Munch among others. Over 70 theatres are participating in this latest project around the country where the public will be able to go and watch these productions. These films are also going to be sent around the world to be screened in over 30 countries, ensuring a very large viewership for those classic productions.

The films themselves are all award-winning documentaries along with behind the scenes videos and creations by well known creator Phil Grabsky. The biography of each artist featured inside of these films will be presented for the public to see in order to showcase not only their work but also their lives as an artist, giving a complete context to their results.

The first of the films will focus on Manet and portray his life at the Royal Academy in London. This one will start being screened on April 11 and feature over 220 of his paintings, many of which are still displayed in prominent positions in galleries and museums around the country. In October, the National Gallery will add renewed access to the documentary films by starting with the Vermeer exhibition, showing the HD film next to his works.

The whole project is referred to as the Exhibition project, and is the idea of the Seventh Art Productions company along with the BY Experience group, already experienced in making these types of documentary films.

These films have been shown in many cities around the world and the Exhibition project should reach a much bigger audience, according to the producers talking to a recent press event. Some of the other countries which are already confirmed to showcase the Exhibition project include Chile, Canada, New Zealand, Russia, Norway and others.



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