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Sheep set to create unique portrait of the Queen


Sheep set to create unique portrait of the Queen

Sheep set to create unique portrait of the Queen

A moving portrait of the Queen, that literally moves, will be achieved on the Malvern Hills thanks to 200 sheep. Will Halford is a performance artist and sheep farmer, and will work with his flock, with the assistance of a few sheep dogs, as part of the Worcestershire Art Trail that is to be held over 1st-4th June, the Jubilee celebration bank holiday weekend.

Starting from the north end of the Malverns, Will will be initially creating a portrait of the Queen as she was when she first came to the throne. The sheep will then be herded across the hills to form a final portrait of how her majesty looks now. The process will last the full 4 days of the Jubilee celebrations.

More than 74 artists across 48 locations have signed up for this year’s Worcestershire Arts Trail. Over 10 of the artist’s involved are creating unique portraits of the Queen which will be on display to the public completely free of charge during the event.

Commenting on the unusual portrait, Worcestershire Arts Trail, organiser Sarah Jones said: ‘Anything that gets people talking about art is a good thing. Worcestershire is a farming county so it seems fitting that one of our tributes to the monarch should reflect our heritage. It’s great to put a different spin on things”.

One of the main aims of the Worcestershire Arts Trail is to debunk some of the myths about art such as it being expensive or out-of-reach for most people.

To find out more about what else is on offer on this year’s trail, visit


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