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Sid Vicious art up for auction

sidSex Pistol star John Simon Beverly, better known as Sid Vicious will have some newly found artwork auctioned off for a reported £4,000. While studying as a teen at the Hackney College of Further Education in London Vicious created a variety of both paintings and sketches. Included in the works are a mosque set against a red sunset, a landscape featuring a dismembered head, reminiscent of Dali and a still life buttercup.

The collection, Sid Vicious’ Book of Artwork is expected to be very popular when auctioned in London on Monday at the Fame Bureau. The entire group of artwork was done while he attended art school and was most likely part of his course work says Alan Parker, the Sex Pistols biographer.

What the people’s impression of Vicious is now, is completely different from the side of him that used watercolours or sketches to create art. He was probably considered a very good artist and not a troublemaker and the biographer continued saying that Vicious was probably a sweet guy underneath and most punk fans would find it incredible.

Anne Beverly, Vicious’ mother was in possession of the artwork until her subsequent death in 1996 when it was handed over to the star’s estate. An expected £3,500 is expected for the contract to be auctioned as well, that was signed in 1978 for the band’s last concert shortly before his death at age 21 in 1979 of a heroin overdose.


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