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Slight trip in gallery costs $40million

clumsuApparently, all it takes is one second to ruin the worth of a classic painting as a clumsy lady learned at the New York Metropolitan Museum.

The woman tripped against a Picasso painting that was formally worth around £80m and brought down its value to around £40m after causing a six inch tear.

Experts stated that while they can fix the painting, which by the way is Picasso’s The Actor, it will never again be worth what it was unharmed.

Professional appraiser Gerard van Weyenbergh stated that reducing the painting by only half of its value is being generous because at an auction one of the first things that people are concerned about is the condition of the painting and if any restoration work has been done of the piece.

The Picasso piece features a male in a pink costume and dates back to 1905.  At the time of the incident was on display at the Met’s second floor gallery of Picasso works. Museum officials refused to name the woman who tripped, but did generously state that she was not injured in the incident.

Since then, the painting has been taken off display and moved to the conversation studio to be assessed and repaired.  Luckily enough, due to the fact that the tear occurred in the lower corner of the painting, the repair should not drastically alter the appearance of the painting.

It was originally donated to the Met in 1952 by the daughter of Chrysler’s founder, Thelma Chrysler Foy.


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