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Sotheby’s offers rare Turner

romeSotheby’s will offer up the Turner painting Modern Rome- Campo Vaccino for sale at its London location.  Due to the fact that it one of the most well known Turner paintings and has not been on the market for the last 132 years the auction house is confident that it will topple records especially since Turner’s works are currently receiving an open reception from the art market.

Senior specialist in Early British Paintings and deputy chairman of the UK Sotheby, David Moore-Gwyn, said that they expect Modern Rome to break the previous world record for a Turner painting which is currently held by the Giudecca, La Donna della Salute and San Giorgio set at £20.5m in 2006.

Sotheby’s has placed a price range of £12m to 18m on Modern Rome which is the same price range it put on L’Homme Qui Marche I by Alberto Giacometti in January which went on to sell for a bit over £65m.

Moore-Gwyn is also aware that the market may even bring in a higher price due to the fact that the art market is currently filled with competitive and super wealthy collectors from all over of the world who are desperately seeking masterpieces from top artists.

Christie’s also has three paintings coming up to auction in New York and London that could make a solid attempt at beating the Giacometti record, a Jasper Johns Flag and two works by Picasso.

The components that demand a huge price in a piece of artwork are the place the work was completed, the condition of the piece, its rarity, and the name of the artist all of which Modern Rome has.


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