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Sound artist wins Turner prize

tpOn Monday Susan Philipsz won the Turner prize to become the first sound artist to win the £25,000. The winning piece triumphed over works from sculptor Angela de la Cruz, painter Dexter Dalwood, and art-film collective the Otolith Group.

However, guests were hardly able to hear the replay of the winning piece, a 16th century Scottish lament – Over the Sounds of River Clyde. From outside, came the sound of London’s art students protesting against the impending government’s raising of tuition fees and of the looming university funding cuts. The noise invaded the Tate Britain’s walls and drowned the winning performance.

According to Sculptor Richard Wilson, the timing of the Arts Against Cuts’ protests shows intelligence. ‘These things are not to be done in reticence,’ added Wilson.

Moreover, the winner sympathized with the cause in her acceptance speech. Having been a political activist herself, Philipsz expressed her support for the students.

Meanwhile, Michael Glover have criticised the decision to award the prize to the winning piece. He said that the winning piece does not, as claimed, redefine the space nor is it immersive. Glover described the award decision as “dismal”. However, he expressed his pleasure that sound art has re-established itself.


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