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South London Art Map takes shape

modernThanks to a £30,000 ‘grant for the arts award’ from Arts Council England, the South London Art Map, a guide to art south of the river, will be launched tomorrow.

Large institutes such as South London Gallery and Tate Modern are partnering with small unknown studios and galleries as part of the project. The map, and expansion of the Deptford Art Map will cover an area from Greenwich to Bankside and be available printed or online.

Coordinated late openings will be detailed on the last Friday of every month as well as having over 90 galleries listed with locations and the SLAM Last Fridays will be similar to the Whitechapel Gallery’s Time Out First Thursdays.

Friday 25 February launches the first of the late openings and of the project with doors being opened in participating galleries from 6:30 to 8pm. A limited number of badges designed by Hew Locke, who was commissioned by the Tate Modern, will be available at the venues.

During the launch evening, screening artist Emily Candela’s film Open Space will be screened by contemporary art initiative Café Gallery Project. Through the introduction of a family panel, the gallery aims to open up its organization and that is documented in the 10 minute short film.

South London Art Tours is also run be South London Art Map and is based around Bankside, Peckham and Deptford, the three areas detailed in the map and visitors led by local artists and curators will be led to galleries and meet gallery owners and artists along the route.

The production of contemporary art is perfect for South London because of the presence of art colleges, history and a vibrant area says Julia Alvarez the director of South London Art Map adding that South London is full of galleries of all types and that with the history of the area makes for a great location.


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