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Street art fans will love the Mr Brainwash exhibition at the Old Sorting House on Oxford Street

Any fan of Mr. Brainwash ought to get down to the Old Sorting House on Oxford Street in London before the end of this month. You may know him as Thierry Guetta, but it’s one and the same person. In fact it may even be that Mr. Brainwash is really another alter ego of the enigmatic Banksy, street artist and filmmaker extraordinaire.

When Banksy’s 2010 documentary film ‘Exit Through the Gift Shop’, co-starring the Los Angeles street artist, rose to heights of critical acclaim it made Guetta a star. He even showed up at the Oscars ceremony when ‘Exit’ was nominated for Best Documentary; interestingly, Banksy did not. The debate about actual identities goes on, but it really doesn’t matter much, except maybe to the collectors who have paid outlandish sums for some of the artists’ works.

The Mr. Brainwash exhibit now showing at the Old Sorting House includes giant installations and murals expressing the artist’s take on subjects like The Beatles, Kate Moss, and himself – if that’s really him. Works such as ‘Follow Your Dream’ and ‘God Save the People’ typify the theme of the show, which he has insisted is along the lines of Life Is Beautiful, Love Is The Answer, and Never, Never Give Up (all sentiments expressed in one or a number of larger-than-life images).

The Huffington Post calls the show “. . . one of the biggest warehouse pop-up art events to hit our Capital.” It’s free and non-ticketed, and visitors will also receive complimentary postcards and posters, a nice bonus for those who can’t afford to purchase their favourites at auction.

If perchance you haven’t seen any of the street art in situ, there’s an excellent example right at the intersection of Museum and New Oxford Streets. It’s Guetta/Brainwash’s humongous Kate Moss, reminding everyone that he’s making the London scene with a resounding splash.


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