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Stunning displays at Earth, Art of a Changing World

worldWhile the current buzz and promotional efforts at the new Royal Academy show Earth, Art of a Changing World may be the installation art outside and inside the hallway of the museum, it is worth walking by each of the overdone pieces to see the stunning items inside the gallery.

The first place that you should stop is on the first floor at the installation of Amazonian Field by Antony Gormley.  The installation is enough to stop you in your tracks with thousands of eyes staring down at you from the multitudes of terracotta figures that are standing shoulder to shoulder across the room floor.

The second stop you make should be at the Hot Spot by Mona Hatoum which is a large globe of steel stainless mesh that has a neon outline of all the continents.  The borders of each country that is currently suffering from political unrest is glowing a hot red, which casts a spell over the room set off with a slight crackle of the electricity that leaves you to wonder when the entire might combust.

Also worth a stop is the Heart of Darkness by Cornelia Parker which is composed of charcoal from a forest fire in Florida.  Around the charcoal is a sting of pine cones, branches, and other debris that represent the after effects of such a disaster.

According to Parker the debris can be related to any catastrophe that is created by man from rainforests to the overuse of biofuels.


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