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Sutton town says Banksy is art not graffiti

baGraffiti artist Banksy has received a state of legitimacy for once in his career as the wall on which he painted a mural has been clamped to prevent vandals from continuing to attack the mural.

The wall is owned by Hanson Premix and is found on a corner in Croydon.  The mural features a punk next to a box that reads IEAK who appears to be reading instructions about how to create graffiti.

Sutton Council met last month and asked the public to weigh in with their opinions on whether Banksy’s work should be permitted to stay or whether it should be removed.

90% of those who took the time to fill out the survey by the council stated that they wanted the mural to remain on the corner.

Generally speaking the council usually removes graffiti immediately as soon as they become aware of it, but the mural is famous and those in town view it more as art than as vandalism.

Ultimately the decision of the mural’s fate lays in the hand Hanson Premix since they own the building it is painted on, but even the company is unsure of the fate of the mural although they are considering restoring and protecting it.


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