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New York art fraudster pleads guilty

An art dealer Glafira Rosales, who is based in New York, pleaded guilty to defrauding two art galleries in Manhattan more than $30m with 63 fake art pieces. This multi-million dollar art fraud ran for about 15years.

Unsuspecting buyers spent over $80m (£50m) buying paintings that were said to be works of artists like Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko that had never been displayed before.

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Germany stumbles on world’s biggest art fraud

When prosecutors in Stuttgart, Germany, started investigating a minor art-forgery in December 2008, it did not occur to them that they were about to unravel what could be one of the biggest art frauds in recorded history. The case started with an investigation of 13 suspected fake sculptures promoted as Alberto Giacometti’s work. Soon, however, Stuttgart prosecutor’s office conducted a wider investigation.

The prosecutors were

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National Gallery shows off fakes

The National Gallery opened a new exhibit that will help educate visitors on how to spot the difference between fakes and real paintings. The gallery will show the use of new technology to help prevent mistakes made in the past when dupes were purchased.

Called ‘Close Examination- Fakes, Mistakes, and Discoveries,’ the highlights techniques that are used to prevent and detect art fraud by conservators,

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