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Tate’s Turbine Hall100 million seeds

tateThe floor of Tate’s Turbine Hall has 100 million seeds made of porcelain spread on it.  No one is trying to grow tiles; it is a new exhibit by Ai Weiwei, the renowned Chinese artist.

Visitors have been encouraged to crunch the seeds underfoot for the experience.  However, it appears that after such suggestion there is concern that some patrons might actually be tempted to take a seed or two home.  That could be a problem for the museum, which would be putting on an ever-shrinking exhibit of 1000 square metres.

Museum spokespeople say that this exhibit is a complete work.  The idea is to get the total effect of seeing 100 million seeds.  The artist himself is concerned that people mistake the seeds for the real item and try to eat them.  He has said that this would be a real problem for the museum; they could get sued over something like that.  That it is a plausible safety issue.


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