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Tate Liverpool giant green laser

factoryMarking the 50th anniversary of the laser, the Foundation for Art and Creative Technology, together with Tate Liverpool, will have a giant green laser mounted. The laser will span 800 metres, connecting two art galleries for a shared exhibition of the laser artist Nam June Paik.

Thislaser is an artwork itself, named Laser Link, and is being created by Peter Appleton. Appleton is a laser artist. He is famous for a similar creation for the Capital of Culture in 2008, which connected two chapels in Liverpool.

Appleton is an active laser artist following in the footsteps of Paik’s foundational work. He has two decades experience around the globe and is mesmerized by light’s ability to transfer information. In light of this he is rebuilding a previous work where guests may communicate between two buildings via a beam of light.


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