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Tate Modern Andy Warhol ‘footnote’ exhibition

jeff_koonsThe Tate Modern is premiering a new exhibition entitled Pop Life that is based around the premise that all art since the 1980s is nothing more than a ‘footnote’ to the works created by Andy Warhol.

The exhibition will contain some of the 2008 Damien Hirst Sotheby’s auction as well as some of the explicit works from Jeff Koons’s collection in which the artist is seen with his ex wife La Cicciolina in some porn-esque settings.

The common thread among all the pieces in the show is that most of good art has its roots in good business.

Of course, the viewpoint is highly controversial given that the entire collection could be described as commercial given the fact that the work by Hirst collected 110million quid at auction.

Koons defends his pieces however as well as the entire theme of Pop Life by stating that artists do not primarily think about making money, as that is just a simple part of life, but instead it is the power of creating art that draws artists in the field.

He stated that artists have always made money and gained political as well as economic power since the time of the monarchs and churches and that to see any type of non-commercial art you have to look back prior to the 19th century.

Pop Life will open on Thursday to the public and also contains work from Cosey Fanni Tutti who for a short time was a pornographic model as part of her artistic expression.


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