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The 2012 Artists Rooms tour

The 2012 Artists Rooms tour will be hosted by the Scottish towns of Dunoon, Banff and Linlithgow. The tour involves modern and contemporary art and was announced this week. Robert Mapplethorpe, the American photographer will have his work shown at several Scottish locations. August Sander, a German photographer will have works displayed in Banff as well as Leicester.

The MAC is a new contemporary art venue in Belfast and is a highlight of the 2012 tour. There will be art featured here by Robert Therrien. Also recently opened is the Hepworth Wakefield which will be displaying sculptures by Richard Long. The Ferens Gallery in Hull will host works by Andy Warhol.

The Tate and the National Galleries of Scotland are the joint owners of the tour and responsible for its organisation. There are over 700 pieces of art involved in the tour, all of which were sold to the tour in 2008 by Anthony d’Offay. He sold them for over £26m despite the entire collection being worth over £125m. This tour will be the fourth of its kind and will show the art at 44 galleries and museums across the nation. The tour is supported with a generous grant from the Art Fund.


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