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The 46th Trinity Arts Festival is set to be the biggest and best yet

The Trinity Arts Festival is entering its 46 year and this year the schedulers have been very busy drawing up a great occasion which is seeing special performances, choirs and many bands. The Dark Nights Theatre Company is starting off the event with a murder mystery show that they’ve created which is called A Marriage of Murder.

The event is taking place in Southport at the Holy Trinity Church in Hoghton Street. The event is also going to include a special breakfast which is being served up at the parish centre. During this breakfast the guests are going to be able to draw up who they think is responsible for the murder after watching the performance.

Craft lovers are also going to be attracted to the event as there is a special exhibition being held in the same parish centre. This is taking place on the 23rd and 24th of June and one of the most notable displays is going to be of special wooden carvings that have been made by craftsmen from the local area.

Later in the day on 23 June, Nigel Ogden, who is best known for his BBC Radio Two show, the Organist Entertains. He is going to be playing popular music as well as light classical in the church in the evening.

Mr Ogden is not the only visitor from Radio 2 and on 29 June, Friday Night is Light Music Night is also making an appearance. Many artists are going to be coming to perform and this is sure to be one of the most popular events of the entire festival.

Chamber music is also going to be featured and on 30 June, the Jacquin Duo are going to be performing. Worship is going to be a part of the festival and this is going to be led with choir music.


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