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The Art of John Lennon, Unknown Works

johnJohn Lennon’s original sketches, including three unreleased drawings illustrating himself as political campaigner and family man will be one of the features of The Art of John Lennon. Unknown works, which come from the archive which belongs now to the artist’s widow Yoko Ono.

The picture Power to the People is similar to the Statue of Liberty in a way, with a suited man, who is standing on a pedestal with his fist raised and clenched, wearing a spiked crown. Some date the picture from the release of  Some Time in New York City, which was Lennon’s and Ono’s fifth album, circa 1972. The album was a collection of songs protesting social and political issues. It also included a sketch of the statue of Liberty which is believed to be the first version of  Power to the People.

Dream Power presents Lennon, wearing his characteristic round glasses, and Ono, lying with him under a tree naked. Another sketch, Family of Peace, is a portrait of the couple with their son. The work is dated from around 1977, the time of Lennon’s travels to Japan where he explored a new technique of sumi ink drawing, the same as he used to make the sketch.

All of Lennon’s pictures are stamped with a seal presenting Japanese letters saying: “Like a cloud, beautiful sound.” The artist, as his wife said, was known as a singer because of “The Beatles” but remained unknown to the world of art. Now the world has a chance to see his other passion, the one for art, which will be presented on the exhibition of his works.


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