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The Artes Mundi 5 exhibition is finally to be unveiled

Artes Mundi 5 is back again, featuring water that comes straight from a Mexican mortuary and Indian tar drums. Karen Price is also expected to be at the preview.  In an effort to get ready for the show, the glass panels that fit over the double doors in the front of the National Museum of Art are covered in large white paper sheets so that patrons cannot see inside.  The curators are keeping the exhibition under wraps so that when the National Museum Cardiff opens its Artes Mundi 5 show, everyone will be surprised.

Of course, the few hours leading up to the unveiling are stressful enough for curators, as the finishing touches are being added to the work that was all accomplished by seven artists that are hoping to win the £40,000 ‘Welsh Turner Prize’ award from the museum. It is actually the largest award of its kind in within the UK borders.  It’s no wonder that everyone wants to take a peek inside. However, because outside of the water and tar barrels, the showcase also has a few more eclectic gems that truly make it something unique to see in an UK setting.

The introduction to the show is an exhibit by Tania Bruguera, who is originally from Cuba and is an artist that questions how the arts institution should be run. In the introduction, she will be discussing the Immigrant Respect Campaign that takes a close look at what defines an immigrant via a poster campaign, workshops, and projections onto the façade of the museum.  Given the fact that the entire Artes Mundi 5 exhibit is composed of artists that are worried about the current human condition, the theme is perfect.  Even better is the fact that the Smile tapestry by Miriam Backstrom is the first thing you will see.


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