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The BT Art of Sport exhibition proved to be a huge success

With the Olympic Games nearly upon us, the BT Art of Sport put on a display by twelve of the top UK artists in a tribute to the Olympic and Paralympic Games. The artists were commissioned by the Cultural Olympiad programme and the display included paintings, sculptures and photographs. The exhibition was held at the Clarendon Gallery and there was plenty to see to give us an idea of the excitement to come with the Olympics.

The BT Art of Sport certainly did us proud with this exhibition and the Gallery got pretty crowded at times but there was plenty of space for people to wander around without getting too claustrophobic. Teresa Witz had on display some of her fine pencil drawings on canvas and they are remarkable in their detail. Her portraits of Steve Williams, the rower and Olympic Gold winner, and Olympic swimmer, Mark Foster, are fantastic.

Dominic Wheadon’s paintings of Olympic swimmers and divers submerged in water were truly amazing. The paintings really catch the distortion of the swimmers under water to perfection. Dylan Izaak came at the Olympic theme from a different angle. His work was more about London than the Olympics but he still captured the theme well. Viewers could see this in his works, ‘Big Ben’ and ‘Tower Bridge Olympics’.

There was a bit of a zany side to his work but it was a nice comic touch that everyone seemed to appreciate. There was also a touch of this with the works of Jeremy Houghton. His water colour works are absolutely fantastic. The detail in them is amazing, especially with ‘Olympic Rowers’ and ‘Olympic Sailing’. His paintings were best appreciated by constantly changing angles to view it and get the best possible results from the works.



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