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The Cass Sculpture Foundation celebrate their 20th anniversary in style

There are several new projects taking shape at the Cass Sculpture Foundation on the South Downs and it is turning out to be a pretty good year for the charity. It is their 20th anniversary year and the Foundation, which was founded by sculpture collectors Wilfred and Jeanette Cass, have plenty of things in the pipeline. The charity is located in thirty acres of rolling Sussex countryside and Jeanette and Wilfred live on-site.

One of the biggest sculptures that is taking shape at the moment is of a 23 metre long blue whale. The outline has been formed of this magnificent creature that is bigger than any dinosaur that lived on earth. The design is based on a sketch by sculptor David Brooks. Mr. Brooks, from New York is also on-site at the moment working on the sculpture ready for its unveiling to the public.

More than eighty pieces of sculpture by emerging and established sculptors are on display at the Cass Sculpture Foundation. They are set in small, open fields or in woodland near Goodwood on the beautiful South Downs. The sculptures are for sale and go for prices up to £1.5 million.

The Foundation are also involved with the Olympics by hosting a fantastic piece of sculpture by Thomas Heatherwick on the site. It is called ‘Pavilion’ and Foundation director Claire Shea says that it was one of Heatherwick’s first pieces, done when he was a student and that Jeanette and Wilfred Cass specifically asked him to stage it on their site.

Thomas Heatherwick is the designer of the Olympic Cauldron which will hold the Olympic Torch throughout the games. The Cass Sculpture Foundation is also the charity behind a project for Cultural Olympiad, a country-wide programme of events being staged over the next few months.



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