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The Confident Creative: Drawing to Free the Hand and Mind by Cat Bennett

Boston-based artist, Cat Bennett, has written a new book to help adults unlock their creativity through drawing.

In her new book, The Confident Creative: Drawing to Free the Hand and Mind Cat offers simple techniques to develop drawing skills and shows how to work with the mind to dissolve creative blocks, open up to inspiration and grow creative confidence. It’s a book for both experienced and budding artists. But it’s also for every person, artist or not, who wants to bring creativity into their life and work.  She believes everyone can unlock their creativity through drawing. She also believes everyone can draw.

Cat’s easy-to-apply techniques were developed through teaching her Saturday morning drawing class. She notes how some habitual thought patterns limit what we do in life, and shows how we can easily become aware of these while drawing, or even doodling, and let them go. Many techniques are drawn from yoga, including the one-point focus where we learn to observe our minds, change our energy to the positive and open up to inspiration. It’s here we find creative connection and expressive confidence – and we can bring this into the whole of our lives.

Complete with over 100 illustrations, The Confident Creative offers a wealth of visual inspiration including examples of art from professional artists who have pushed the boundaries of drawing into creative expressions. It shows how to draw in 3 different ways – Making Marks (to explore free and symbolic expression); Drawing What We See; and Drawing From Imagination. And it offers ways to change our minds to be expansive and confident.

Says Cat: “It doesn’t matter how much art experience we have, not at all. We might think we have no talent and that, too, doesn’t matter. We can all draw, as children do. If we dream of doing something wondrous and don’t know how; the wondrous will come to meet our desire if we honour it and keep working with an open mind.”


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