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The fall and rise of top graffiti artist Stik

Stik is a graffiti artist in the UK who has certainly had a very varied career, there are been times when he has been very successful, even managing to sell work to Elton John, and times when things have not been going so well and he has had to sleep on the streets.

In the last 18 months he has gone from a homeless man, to being one of the most influential street artists in the UK. His graffiti always contains stick figures and since being discovered his work has started selling for thousands of pounds a time. Some of his most famous clients include Bono, Elton John, and the Duke of Kent.

He is currently seen as the most influential street artist in London and he first started drawing his distinctive stick figures over five years ago. Obviously, it was quite a time before people started taking note of his work.

He is very private about his identity and reveals very few details about his personal life. In the near future he is going to be having an exhibition in Marylebone at the Intimate Modern gallery. He has commented, “For a long time I was homeless and once you have hit this low it is very easy to get stuck there. Once you have fallen down, it is very hard to pick yourself back up again and I struggled to find permanent employment.”

His big break began last year and since that time he has developed something of a cult following. He was recently asked to provide the artwork for the award ceremony held by Q magazine. This led him to get interest from major clients such as Bono and has opened doors for him to start featuring his work at other major exhibitions.


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