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The Google Art Project

thegoogWhether art is your deep passion or just a passing interest, Google has set out to irreversibly alter your existence. The Google Art Project, revealed to the public last week, provides a unified and simple experience of many of the art collections and the interiors of both European and American museums. 17 museums are covered so far.

The claim by Google is that you will not only sight what you hadn’t taken note of previously, but you will also observe the unobservable. Google zoom allows you to study what you cannot even see with the naked eye. The beauty of this project is in the privacy of the viewing. You will no longer have to jockey to get a peek at the paintings. Instead, you can gaze at them all day and night from the comfort of your computer.

You can also study up close the materials and methods of the art surfaces. Of course we expect the Internet to bring the world to our desk, but to see it done with something so physical as art is nothing short of amazing, when considering the angles of the brush strokes of “Château Noir”, by Cezanne, in the Museum of Modern Art.

A nice addition to the Art Project is the Street View that Google already has integrated into its maps. With Street View inside the museum you can get a 360 view of the entire interior. That means ceiling gazing at the murals in Versailles. It also means picking up the subtle atmosphere in such places as Moscow’s Tretyakov Gallery.

Just watch out that you refine your control of the program or you will end up being thrown instantly onto the street in front of the museum for no apparent reason. If it happens to you, just get back in and try again until you have tamed that beast. Every artistic bone in your body will thank you.


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