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The Heineken circus is in town

Ever fancied hosting your own circus then jumping out of a plane attached to a clown? Clint Jacobs didn’t realise he did until he became the latest star in the hilarious series of videos which make up the Heineken Dropped campaign. The premise is simple; Heineken wanted to see how men would cope when they were taken out of their everyday lives and presented with the kind of challenge that is thrown down when a group of men are together imbibing alcoholic beverages.

The affable Mt Jacobs introduces himself at the beginning of the video, telling us he is from South Africa and is a graphic designer/art director/photographer. A little animated graphic sees him being taken from Cape Town and the next thing we see is him in a jeep, blindfolded, surrounded by Heineklowns. He is then loaded onto a plane where his blindfold is removed, and he discovers what is in store for him.

This consists of being strapped to a clown to do a parachute jump into the Polish countryside. When he lands his challenge really begins, but you have to watch the second half of the video to see what happens next. This is very much a social experiment from Heineken who are working on the premise that legends aren’t born, they are made.

They are effectively taking men out of their comfort zones and giving them the chance to take part in a unique challenge while at the same time letting them display their real characters while having a travel experience of legendary proportions.

These videos are proving to be massively successful, and with further instalments promised it seems as if this campaign is set to run until they either run out of intrepid adventurers or out of ideas for challenges. Quite frankly, neither is very likely.


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