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The Importance Of Art And How It Can Inspire Your Staff

At its core, art is an ambient and tactile experience.  We see it, feel it and even sometimes hear it; it guides our thinking and can influence our feelings in many different ways.

For most of us, “corporate art” means nothing more than bland landscape paintings, generic abstract prints or inane motivational posters mounted in cheap frames that hang, crooked and ignored, on the walls of our offices.  However, art in the workplace doesn’t have to be boring; in fact, corporate artwork can be one of the most effective – and affordable – ways to inspire your staff and bring new life to your office.

Over the course of an average career, most of us will spend as much as a third of our lives at the office.  No matter what sector you work in or the size of your company, success depends on channelling creativity for the benefit of the organisation.  So how can we increase that creative stimulation at work?  Free espresso and snacks in the break room can help, but great art is an even better way to encourage employees to recharge and embrace innovative ideas.

Modern trends in office space planning focus on technological innovation and improved mobility in the workplace – open workspaces, communal break-out rooms, alternative spaces and shared task areas are now the norm.  This means that many employees are subjected to a larger corporate cultural aesthetic.  They are no longer able to decorate their desks and workspaces with personal photos and other mementos that create a sense of ownership and personalisation.  This can create a disconnected feeling between workers and their workspaces.  To that end, the right artwork can help employees feel happier and more comfortable when they are at the office, which fosters improved motivation and creativity.

There is virtually no limit to what kinds of art are acceptable in the workplace.  Conventional artwork like paintings, photography, bespoke murals, mixed media installations, sculpture, limited edition prints, ceramics or textiles are ever-popular options, while more non-traditional pieces like water features, floral arrangements, textured wall treatments, interesting architectural details and lighting can also create an atmosphere that is both inspired and inspiring.

When selecting new art for your office, asking a few key questions can help guide your choices to the most appropriate pieces.  For example: what is your corporate mission and image?  How should your office artwork make workers feel – happy, amused, calm, energised?  Where does your company fit in your particular business sector?  Are you an established organisation with traditional values that could benefit from a fresh artistic perspective or a trendy start-up who needs a more subdued collection that won’t compete with an already vibrant brand?  Who is your target client base and how might they respond to the artwork you choose?

The point is that corporate art doesn’t have to be generic or uninspired.  It can be anything you want it to be, so long as the pieces you select have the power to inspire creativity in your staff.


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