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The life of Rolf Harris is told in a display at the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool

Rolf Harris is known to the public as a composer, inventor, animal enthusiast, musician, artist, champion swimmer, and plenty of other things, but when asked how he would describe himself he simply stated that he has no idea.

While he may not know, the rest of the British public are aware that he is nearly the Commander of the British Empire with all that the entertainer has managed to accomplish and now his life is on display for all to see at the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool.

The Gallery is expected to display dozens of artworks from Harris that range from over the last six decades as well as plenty of television footage, awards, papers, jeans, and even some of his old papers. Charlotte Keenan the curator for the exhibition stated that it will show his passion for self-expression in just about every way that is possible.

It also will feature six scenes of Liverpool that have not been seen previously that were created just for the Walker show. Harris is apparently still on a roll and believes that he will be painting up until the end of his life as he moves from one painting to the next.


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