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The London Art Fair celebrates its 25th anniversary

The London Art Fair will hold a special celebration for its 25th edition. So far, the organizers have confirmed the participation of hundred UK and international galleries. They are still including around 30 of the less visited and younger galleries that will also have a chance to display their work in front of thousands of visitors from around the world.

The fair will be supported by contemporary galleries like Galerie BRAUBACHfive, Union Gallery, Charlie Smith London, Danielle Arnaud, Salon Vert, Flowers Gallery, Anderson & Gold, Vigo, Scream, Jack Bell Gallery and Pertwee.

Visitors will also have a chance to take a look at the work of modern British specialists like Agnew’s Gallery, Piano Nobile, Osborne Samuel, The Fine Art Society, Robin Katz Fine Art and Austin/Desmond Fine Art.

Some of the most popular artists that will participate in this year’s fair are Bridget Riley, Eduardo Paolozzi, Elizabeth Frink, David Hockney, Helen Chadwick, Sol LeWitt, Kenneth Armitage, Barry Flanagan, Marcus Harvey, Edward Burva and Barbara Hepworth.

The fair will also host the eighth edition of the Art Projects forum which will feature works from newly found contemporary galleries and artists who will show off their solo shows, installations and curated group displays.

Some of the most popular names participating in the eighth edition will be Cole, Limoncello, The Sunday Painter, Hannah Barry Gallery, Poppy Sebire and Ceri Hand Gallery. Anyone who visits the fair will be greeted by the Tread Pad, a sculpture designed and made by James Capper and represented by the Hannah Barry Gallery.

Another interesting exhibition at the fair will be the Photo50, an exhibition which will display 50 works of contemporary artists. Some of them will even be up for sale, so it is a great opportunity to get your hands on the photography work on some of the best photographers in the UK.


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