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The Sculpture Show Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art

Running until the 24th of June 2012, the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art is hosting ‘The Sculpture Show’. It has received many additional sculptures in order to make this show a success. With a huge variety, from classic sculptures such as those crafted by Edgar Degas and Auguste Rodin around the start of the 20th century, to very modern pieces made by Damien Hirst and this year’s Turner Prize winner Martin Boyce.

The pieces are grouped according to their style. The show starts with realistic traditional works focusing on the human body. This demonstrates how sculpture and painting started as rivals, and the show plays on this to demonstrate the evolution of sculpture.

The main focus point of the Show is ‘A Girl’ by Ron Mueck, a 16 foot long sculpture of a baby girl. This piece has travelled the world and is now back home to be admired. Around the main space, the work of Ben Nicholson demonstrates a mixture of painting and sculpture. As Frank Stella said, when discussing the similarities and differences between the two mediums, a painting standing up by itself is a sculpture.

Another painting in this sculpture show is Wall Drawing #1136 created by Sol LeWitt. These rainbow swirls spread across the room, further blurring the line between a painting and a sculpture. David Weiss and Peter Fischli’s 1987 work is a video installation of a domino variant, showing a chain of consequences for 30 minutes; another example of how the lines of sculpture are blurred.

Sculpture can no longer be considered to be simple representations of the facts. There is a lot more representation and interpretation involved in the more modern sculptures. The Sculpture Show in the SNGMA is showing some of the best work from all around the world.



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