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The Tate aims to get the Pre-Raphaelites greater appreciation

The Tate has recently said that for the most part most people think that the work of Pre-Raphaelites is often greatly under appreciated. The Tate Britain has stated that these are revolutionary paintings and they have recently announced a show which is going to display some of this work in a whole new light. The gallery is going to be showing the works off as a revolution that took place in the art world.

The gallery has stated that this exhibition is something they have been planning for half a decade and it is going to be the first exhibition of its type, one celebrating the 19th-century movements, that has taken place in around 30 years.

Since 1984 there has not been a great deal of interest in the Pre-Raphaelites and the largest exhibition that took place exhibiting their work was back in the late 1940s, in celebration of the movements 100 year anniversary.

The gallery is claiming that the artists painting in this period were radicals in terms of the subject matter, technique and composition of their paintings. They say that they have a unique way of engaging the viewer and also explore various moral, social and political issues. This was something that was not really done at the time and for this reason it can really be seen as revolutionary.

The artists had a way of entrancing those who came to see their paintings but they were generally met with hostility by many art critics. In some cases the artists stop displaying their works in public simply because the press was so critical of them.

However, once the work gained wide acceptance, many of these artists achieved a huge amount of fame, most of this coming before the turn of the 20th century. The exhibition is going to begin in September.


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