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The Tate Modern Gauguin exhibition may be last of its kind

tateThe Tate Modern’s Gauguin exhibition in London is expected to be one of their best exhibitions ever, and maybe the last of its kind for some time, at least if the government’s proposed arts cuts are ratified.  The exhibit, entitled, “Maker of Myth” comes at a time when government funding of the arts is in serious jeopardy.

Many arts aficionados fail to understand why the government would want to cut such a successful program by 25 to 35 per cent.  They rightfully point out that the arts in the UK have proven to have positive diplomatic and financial effect on the country.  The Tate Modern is a perfect example of the positive public relations the arts contribute to the perception of Britain.

With an initial investment of over 132 million pounds of private and public funds, it is now the most heralded museum of contemporary and modern art anywhere in the world.  It is estimated that the Tate Modern, with its 5 million guests annually, contributes 105 million pounds in economic gains to London per year.  With such numbers from the Tate Modern alone, it is difficult to understand why the government does not have a greater interest in supporting, rather than cutting, the arts funding.

A campaign supporting the arts is in full swing with a petition for signing and a video on the Internet.  Support is being given by leading figures from the Sadler’s Wells Theatre, The National Theatre, Serpentine Gallery, South Bank Centre, and more than 100 prominent artists.

The proposed government cuts would be devastating and threaten to reduce an arts program that has taken the better part of 50 years to become the most renowned in the world.  Reducing it so drastically amounts to reducing the image of the UK around the world, many contend.


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