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The V&A 19th century aesthetic movement exhibition

museThe V&A announced yesterday that it is set to launch the first exhibition that will cover the 19th century aesthetic movement by taking a close look at artists that concentrated on beauty over every other artistic quality.

The upcoming show will feature about 300 objects, out of which 60 will be paintings in an effort to celebrate the artistic movement that took place in the UK between 1860 and 1900.  Notable artists that are considered a part of the movement include Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Edward Burne-Jones, Oscar Wilde, and Frederic Leighton.

Museum co-curator Stephen Calloway stated that this is a great time to place a spotlight on aesthetic pieces because during times of austerity many seem love to indulge in fantasy.

He continued to say that contemporary design and art does not always have to be focused on beauty and art, but the idea of looking at an art movement where the central theme of the piece is beauty places a new timely twist on the way that art is viewed.  He added that a lot of people would like to return to art that’s sole purpose is to be pleasing on the eyes.

Many of the aesthetic painters were serious minded and passionate about their works strongly reacting against the idea that art needed to be created with a purpose and against some type of ugliness.

The movement started out as people who wanted to amuse themselves from within their homes but quickly grew into a much larger movement that started to even aspire to a lifestyle with middles class homes seeking out the best in interior arts.


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