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The works of art created by Alberto Burri

Many people think that most modern art is just random bits and pieces stuck together and nothing more. If you’re wondering why people find this sort of art interesting, then you should look into the Italian artist Alberto Burri.

Although he died in 1995, he was involved in the revolution in the art world which led to the creation of abstract art. He became famous for his use of strange as well as everyday objects including wood, rubber and even burnt plastic.

If you are interested in getting to know his work a little better then you should visit the Estorick Gallery in Canterbury, which is holding the first retrospective of his work in the UK. The event is running from this month until April and describes him as one of the great masters of last century.

This gallery in Canterbury has a focus on Italian art and the director of the gallery has commented, “Burri’s work is something that doesn’t often come on display in the UK but he should be recognised as one of the great artists who revolutionised art after the war.” Burri was born in Italy and served in the military as a doctor before becoming an artist


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