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This years sculpture trail starts at Hanbury’s Jinney Ring

Pigs, cows, sheep, and ducks are all going to be in the Jinney Ring in Hanbury as the craft centre gets ready for the seventh yearly sculpture trail. Life sized animal sculptures are just one of the seventy pieces of art that will be displayed from 25th August  until 23rd September.

The sculpture trail will be placed around ponds and gardens and will be a representation of the work of twenty different sculptors in the UK including Martin Norman from Yorkshire. Norman created the Indian Runner Ducks that are already getting a lot of attention from nearby waterfowl.

Carolyn Baldwin, the trail organiser, said that art lovers will enjoy the trail this year as they have secured many exciting pieces some of whom have even had their work exhibited on the international scale. She added that while most of the sculptures are animal themed, there are also a notable amount of abstract works that will appeal to all ages and tastes. The trail will be open daily from 10am to 5-m and on Sunday from 11am to 2pm.

All visitors will have a chance to win one of the metal sculptures by placing their name in the raffle. The prize sculpture is the work of Steve Blaylock who has donated a rose and a pair of dragonflies.

The sculptures were created to represent and draw attention to the West Midlands Search and Rescue team which is one of the charities that the Jinney Ring supports during the year. Adult sculptors that want to create their own masterpieces can do so with Paul Langford running a two day course for new sculptors on 12th and 13th September.


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