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This years shocking, un-shocking, Turner prize

12The surprising and shocking, is most people have come accustomed to expect from the Turner Prize, this year it is the fact that the prize nominees are not shocking that is unusual.

The Turner Prize is now entering its 25th year, and the contemporary art award is known for awarding honours to artists who utilize self-promotion, and excess, and shock tactics.

However, this year’s nominees are all “respectable” artists who triumph with democratic thought, without shocking displays of art. The nominees are Rogers Hiorns, Enrico David, Richard Wright, and Lucy Skaer.

Due to the moderate list, this year’s exhibition may be free from any gimmicks, and be somewhat calm for a change, which in itself is a shock, since the exhibition generally draws in a crowd that are not serious art connoisseurs.

Nominee Richard Wright from Glasgow, stated that the new focus of the award show may be due to the fact that people are now looking for a more subtle, real taste, of the world in all aspects of their life.

He went on to state that this might be due to the fact that many artists are now less focused on exclusivity, and have broadened their style to allow more people to embrace art.

Wright is known for drawing his art on gallery walls directly, instead of on canvas, which is one reason why his designs are hard to find and are not often seen as moving exhibits are.


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