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Titanic sculpture unveiled

HWEven though it has been one hundred years since the Titanic was built in Belfast, ship builders have begun to create replicas of its original parts that are now part of a large public art display on the docks.

As is only fitting, Harland and Wolff engineers threw their hat into the ring creating a new bronze sculpture that stands at a 13.5m and is erected in the location of the previous shipyards of Belfast Lough.

The same engineering team was behind the original Titanic design, although the new £200,000 sculpture will not actually sail, which means it truly may have a chance at being indestructible this time around.

The location of the new sculpture is in an area entitled the Titanic Quarter that is in the process of being renovated and outfitted with new educational facilities, entertainment venues, and office blocks.

At the core of each of the new developments is a new visitor’s centre that is estimated to cost about £100m that will celebrate the history of the Titanic in advance of its centennial launch birthday in 1911, and the year it sank one year later.

At night the golden sculpture will be lit up with white and blue lights.


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