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Tom Vaughan, Miley Cyrus backs creation of inspirational arts centre in Helensburgh

Helensburgh is where I made my first attempts in film making and saw my first movies. Tom Vaughn the Hollywood film director has pledged support for the creation of a centre for arts & entertainment in Helensburgh his former hometown on the west coast of Scotland.

Just recently completing directing Miley Cyrus in her upcoming film So Undercover Vaughn spent his childhood in Helensburgh and said it was a wonderful idea about the centre for the town that inspired him to do what he love, directing films.

He said he went from viewing films with Harrison Ford in Star Wars at La Scala cinema to then directing him in my own film years later. It has been a long journey but one that started in Helensburgh and the centre will provide equal inspiration to other young people in the town.

Speaking as a filmgoer and filmmaker there is not better way to view a film than on the big screen with an audience. . The films in Helensburgh inspired me to follow my dream and become a director and it was a shame when La Scala closed in 1984.

The Helensburgh Heroes Charity has recently received planning permission to convert a former Victorian Warehouse in the town into a three storey Arts and Entertainment Centre, complete with two digital auditoriums, a 50s style diner and arts space.

The charity also hopes to establish a ‘Helensburgh Heroes Hall of Fame’, with memorabilia and displays to celebrate the lives of the local men and women who have made significant contributions to society in their chosen fields. Over 100 inductees have been identified to date, including ‘Father of Television’ John Logie Baird, movie stars Deborah Kerr and Jack Buchanan, authors WH Auden and AJ Cronin and members of the Glasgow Boys and Girls Arts movement.

The charity hopes that by telling the stories of these ‘Heroes’, young people from the town and visitors to the centre will be inspired to emulate their achievements.

It is a sentiment that is echoed by Tom Vaughan. He added: “I remember seeing a model of John Logie Baird’s early TV set in the local library and it made me think that you can come from a small town like Helensburgh and go out into the world and do whatever you want.”

Phil Worms, Director of the Helensburgh Heroes charity, said: “We are delighted that Tom has taken the time out from his hectic production schedule to offer us his support. He absolutely epitomises what this arts and entertainment centre will be about. He is living his dream and we hope that the Heroes Centre will allow many other young people in the town to pursue theirs.”

Worms added: “The West Coast of Scotland boasts an incredibly rich and diverse heritage, and one of which we should be rightly proud, and we hope that companies and individuals will step forward and help us celebrate the achievements of these inspirational men and woman, by supporting the Centre’s fund raising efforts.”

Full details of the Charity’s plans for the Heroes Centre can be found on Facebook


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