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Top galleries from around the world to come together for Frieze Masters

The galleries that will take part in Frieze Masters have been announced by London’s Frieze Art. It is the organisation’s first historical art fair. Frieze masters will be held from the 11th to the 14th October on Gloucester Green in Regent’s Park at the same time as the Park’s stalwart exhibition. The fair is to be sponsored by Deutsche Bank.

Architect, Annabelle Selldorf, will be designing the environment for the set of the fair which will be a presentation of more than ninety of the world’s top galleries. Seventy-seven galleries will be in the main section and a further twenty-two in the spotlight section. It is hoped that Frieze Masters will make London a focus point for a wide international audience.

The fair will show both ancient and modern art together so that the visitors will be able to get a unique view of art through the ages. There is also a programme of talks planned from leading contemporary artists who will explain the links between ancient and modern art.

The director of Frieze Masters, Victoria Siddall, has said that she is very happy that so many of the top galleries have committed themselves to the fair in its’ first year. She said that they are the best galleries, at the top of their field and offer a diverse range of artwork from across the world and throughout history. She added that this response shows that there is a big call for such a fair in London.

The spotlight section of the fair will be for solo artists and again will give contemporary and other artists from the 20th century a showing so that visitors can see the work from solo artists in countries such as Spain, Turkey, Germany, Greece, Brazil and the USA to name just a few.


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