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Tracy Emin, art in a financial crisis

emineTracy Emin, an artist has reached a mid-career crisis at the age of 47. She has the most crucial UK exhibition of her art career to date. She said while the press were viewing her collection that the country is bankrupt and there is no money so the arts will drop to the bottom of everyone’s agenda.

But the Tories amazing art minister, Ed Vaizey is particularly defensive and protective of the arts and the cuts in the arts are less than Labour’s cuts some eight years ago. The way the economy is today, she said, it is amazing there is any money at all for the arts even though Tories are incredible art collectors.

Her friends she says think she is crazy to vote for the Tories but she wants to know who buys her friend’s art, certainly not the Labour voters. The thought is whether or not Emin has gone mad and has steered to the right, but still thinks she is a rebel dressed in her designer clothes. Some were handed it, some have it and some were lucky, Tracey seems to just be lucky.

Never shying away from attention she loves to go out with the likes of Kate Moss and others that grab the headlines. Is she the pure Rock n Roll or another one of those cougar chicks with the right designer wares. Even though her work should say it all, it has always been difficult to put a finger on and elusive. Looks good but is it fluff.

Emin is missing two works for the show one is her unmade bed that Charles Saatchi is exhibiting at a 2012 show and her tent – Everyone I Have Ever Slept With 1963-1995 that was destroyed in the fire of Momart in 2004. She is also showcasing 16 infamous neon signs of hers that includes ones that she specifically made for the show.


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