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Turner prize surprises

paintbrushesDexter Dalwood, the artist behind the painting of Dr. David Kelly’s death, which echoed throughout the Scottish history via an astronaut on board of the Soviet space station in 2003 was acclaimed as original, unique, melancholic, and at sometimes even lyrical.

However, even though Dalwoods’ Bristol Banksy exhibition was extremely popular those who love him including the Turner Prize judge Andrew Nairne will be disappointed since the street artist did not make the final shortlist of the 2010 Turner prize.

His most notable painting is The Death of David Kelly which some people compare to The Death of Marat by Charlotte Corday and is thought to have a great historical value to it.

However, comparing these two paintings is a mistake given that Dalwoods’ is drastically different.  In it is a tree that has a moon behind it sitting atop a mound which is thought to be a vision of Kelly’s death instead of a direct depiction of the manner in which he created suicide back in 2003.

Other glorified works by Dalwood include the Brighton Bomb and the Greenham Common dispute that are construed scenes from media pictures meant to exemplify his belief that history is just a piece of fiction that has been written and thus can be taken from a subjective point of view which should not be considered to be of any less value than any other images from a specific event or time.


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