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Turner prize time

One of the most prestigious art honours in the world is the Turner prize this week the ceremony where the awards are given is being held outside London. This is only the second time in nearly 30 years that the ceremony has been held outside the capital city and is being held in Gateshead. Mario Testino, the photographer, is giving the prize this year.

Many people have welcomed the move at the award ceremony outside the capital as it helps people remember that the award is a national recognition and not just focused on artists living in London. The Independent recently published a story saying, “The Turner prize is normally awarded at the Tate Britain and it is a good idea to move outside of the capital city to a more interesting location.”

The artist who receives the award will garner an almost celebrity like status and they will also receive a prize of £25,000. There are four nominees for this year’s Turner prize including Martin Boyce, George Shaw, Karla Black and Hillary Lloyd.

Currently the favourite for the award is Mr Boyce but Mr Shaw is a close second favourite. Shaw is the only painter from this year’s nominees and he is known for painting crumbling buildings in urban landscapes. His images are small but incredibly detailed.

The other two nominees are quite a way behind the two favourites according to bookmakers. Lloyd created a room of video and mixes technology with art wonderfully. Black created a fragile installation which involved curtains made of cellophane. Many people have seen this as a very competitive year for art and the prize is highly sought after.


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