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UK sculptor behind new wind powered sculpture

The combination of axial ball bearings and needle rollers allow for kinetic sculptures to be slowly moved without too much friction involved in the scenario. The ball bearings were created by Schaeffler and play a top role in creating a quiet sculpture that is powered by wind. David Watkinson, the UK sculptor, is behind the project who has been a sculptor for the past 18 years.

Watkinson stated that he has been a sculptor full time for almost two decades working from his Leeds home. He explained that most of his works are static but throughout the past four years he has been able to create three kinetic sculptures that are kinetic in nature and powered by warm air or wind. He added that each of these sculptures has depended on needle roller bearings or axial bearings created by Schaeffler.

Most of Watkinson’s work is clearly inspired by the American kinetic sculptor George Rickey who passed away in 2002. Most of the sculptures created by Watkinson are now sold for use as garden displays, to private individuals, to charities, or to organisations and put on public display. Watkinson has an international following with clients in Switzerland, New York, and many more locations.

Watkinson explains his work by stating that kinetic sculptures focus on movement and form and the natural world and state of things inspires the way that his work is carried out. For instance, wind dictates a large part of natural movement; therefore, it is only fitting that he would allow wind to have a role in the movement of his sculptures. He added that a lot of humans expect that all movement should be linear, but a lot of the pieces that he creates actually seem to defy gravity and have very unusual ways of rotating.


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