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Ulster Museum is finalist for European Museum of the Year

ulserIn addition to the 2010 Art Fund Prize, the Ulster Museum has yet another stepping stone in its successful path. It has earned the chance to be called the best museum in all of Europe. The Ulster Museum has made it to the finals in the competition for the highest honour, European Museum of the Year, to be revealed 21st May in Germany.

“The museum’s success bodes well for Northern Ireland”, the director of National Museums Northern Ireland, Tim Cooke boasted. “They are admitting that our culture and the presentation of it are worth something by placing the museum on the list of finalists.

“This changes the way people think of Belfast. Of course we hope tourists will have a stronger reason to come see our beautiful country and learn more of our rich heritage.” Following a remodelling of the building in Fall 2009, the museum has hosted over 800,000 tourists.

In addition to the Northern Ireland museum, other museums in the running include Austria, Russia, Spain, The Netherlands, Germany, Great Britain, and Turkey. The various attributes the judges are considering include an extraordinary atmosphere, innovative methods of educating, new and unusual presentation and interpretation of the material, and social consciousness.


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