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Ulster Museum street artists

The Ulster Museum is going to be hosting some of the best work by street artists from the United Kingdom, and there is to be a special exhibition that will open before the touring exhibition of Street Art. This is a tour featuring exhibits from the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Local street artists from Ulster have also been selected to have some of their work shown alongside some of the biggest names in the street art scene.

At the exhibition, some of the various street art from around the city of Belfast will be shown through photography. Street artists are now working with paint as well as digital mediums and one of the artists to be featured at the event is Marian Noone, who is also known as Friz. She is best known for her work as part of the SPOOM Collective, which is a group of artists who work together to create murals on a very large scale.

Another piece of work that Friz is particularly known for is the creation of the artworks for MTV that were used during the European Music Awards, recently held in Belfast. She recently commented, “To have work displayed in the Ulster Museum is a huge joy, it is a very prestigious gallery and a fantastic opportunity for me to display my work to the general public.

My style has been influenced by what I studied in college, which was classical animation, and I get a lot of inspiration from these old styles. I first became interested in street art because it was a way for me to display my style on a much larger scale. The street art scene is particularly enjoyable for me because it is such a strong community and people are always looking to help each other out and give tips about how they achieve their unique style.”

The Head of National Museums for Northern Ireland is Kim Mawhinney who has said, “This display of art is designed to show off what some of our most capable Street artists are doing and we have selected some of their best works that we feel will be most appealing to the public and we are very excited to welcome them into our galleries.

Some of the submissions have been outstanding and they are very different to what we normally offer the visitors of our museum. We hope that this collection of street art will also attract a younger audience to the museum and get them interested in all sorts of art.”

The winning artists at the event have been selected by a special panel assembled from representatives of various museums in Northern Ireland. Adam Turkington was one of the judges and he has said, “This is a wonderful exhibit because it shows off some of the best international street art and also welcomes local talent.”


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