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Unfinished Rubens may make 6 million

SothA portrait by Peter Paul Rubens that features a mystery woman could realize as much as six million pounds once the auction is completed next week in London.

The unknown female is believed to be Spanish although the painting is not complete making it hard to tell.

Experts estimate that the painting dates back to the beginning of the 17th century during the regular travels to the Mediterranean by Flemish artists.

Although the history of the painting is fuzzy, it is believed that the painting remained in Venice until it was moved to Italy during the 19th century.

At this time it became part of the Hammer family collection and remained in Wales until it was put up for auction this month.

Rubens may have started the painting as an aristocratic commission but it is not clear why the painting was not finished or if it was an actual commissioned piece.  The famous painter set a record in 2002 for the auction price of Massacre of the Innocents which sold for about £50m setting a record for an Old Master piece.


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