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Unique property up for auction, no bedrooms and occasionally noisy

Unique property up for auction, no bedrooms and occasionally noisy

Unique property up for auction, no bedrooms and occasionally noisy

An enormous sculpture that sings by Luke Jerram, the internationally renowned artist, has gone up for auction carrying a starting bid of only £1.

Organisations, businesses and individuals from across the globe have been invited to make a bid for Aelolus, the acoustic wind pavilion specially created by Jerram.

The sculpture was originally commissioned by the Universities of Southampton and Salford, and received Arts Council funding. The artwork took the artist three and half years to make, cost £250,000 to fabricate and takes three articulated lorries to transport!

Aeolus was completed in 2011 and has toured the country including the Eden Project (Cornwall), Lyme Park (Cheshire), Media City UK (Salford), and Canary Wharf (London). The artwork is currently in storage which is why Jerram wants to find a permanent home for it.

Created in stainless steel and weighing in at 10 tons, Aeolus has 20m long strings which vibrate and sing in the wind. The sound is amplified by huge steel tubes which also hum their own deep tones.

Aeolus at Eden Project 2011 from Benjie Croce on Vimeo.


Artist Luke Jerram said: “Rather than just selling the artwork through a gallery to a museum or collector, I thought it would be good to open the opportunity up to everyone. During the UK tour, visitor numbers were really high and we received a great deal of press coverage for the artwork. So I’m hoping there may be interest from people who’d like to own this artwork.”

Arts Council England’s Director for the South West, Phil Gibby said:

“The project received Arts Council funding in 2011, so we are very pleased that the potential sale of the work will enable it to be experienced by a new audience. This isn’t a money making exercise, it’s more about finding a new home for this amazing sculpture so that people can continue to enjoy it. Any money that is made will benefit the development of Luke Jerram’s artistic practice.”

Any money made through the sale of the artwork will be invested in new high profile artworks to be experienced and enjoyed by the UK public.

To find out more about how the Aeolus Sealed Bid Auction process works and to see photos and video clips of the artwork in action visit



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