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Unique way of owning art comes to the artrepublic website for the first time

A ground breaking new way of owning art has been launched by artrepublic. With their new online facility called Own Art, once you get to the checkout at the website you can apply there and then for a interest free loan to pay for your purchase. The interest free loans are for between £100-£2000 and the payments can be spread over 10 months through the Own Art scheme run by the Art Council England. is the perfect place to get your hands on signed and limited edition prints from such internationally acclaimed artists as Sir Peter Blake, Mark Quinn and Damien Hirst, as well as new works for such talents in the world of street art as Static, Pure Evil and Speedy Graphito. The website is one of the first in the UK to offer Own Art, and you can apply directly for the 0% APR loan at the online checkout on the website.

The Own Art scheme has, since its launch, issued loans with a total value of over £20m and in 2011 alone, 4400 artworks were purchased this way. You can choose from hundreds of limited edition prints from established and new artists, and thanks to Own Art online, its never been easier to expand your art collection.


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