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“Victim no resurrection?” at St Martin-in-the Fields

Terry Duffy’s  imposing cross at St Martin-in-the Fields is meant to stir up public discussion over aggressors and their victims throughout today’s world. From April 9 – 22 Duffy’s controversial artwork, which is touring from Liverpool to Jerusalem, is viewable at  St Martin-in-the Fields. The purpose for its exhibition here is part of a two week public encouragement to come face to face with conflict today throughout the world.

The artist said, “I hope to wake people up from their slumber with my work and have them stare face to face with the suffering of our modern world. My work is an exclamation that it has to stop and it is an impetus for all of us to push for both peace and reconciliation.”

Many speakers will give their own testimonies of personal violence and suffering, over a period of nine days in church. Then April 17, Sunday, Mike Wooldridge, BBC world affairs correspondent, will host a serious discussion Witnesses of Conflict, along with Marie Colvin of the Sunday Times, and Channel 4’s Lindsey Hilsum. They will discuss the implications of reporting on violence in the world and how it has shaped their personal values and lives.
The other speakers are:
• Artist Terry Duffy, who will talk about why he painted the cross and its journey (Monday 11 April)
• Revd Richard Carter, a priest who faced the kidnapping and murder of seven members of his community while they were working for peace in the Solomon Islands (Tuesday 12 April)
• Bobby Baker, an artist and author who has struggled with the pain and fear of mental illness (Wednesday 13 April)
• Lucy Kralj, a nurse and counsellor who has been working for many years with survivors of torture and gross human rights violations.(Thursday 14 April)
• Major John Catto, a British soldier who has served operationally in both Iraq and Afghanistan (Friday 15 April)
• Dr Swee Ang, an orthopaedic and trauma surgeon who for 28 years has been involved in providing medical aid for Palestinians both in Lebanon and Gaza. (Monday 18 April)
• Simon Western, an academic, leadership consultant and father bereaved by his son’s homicide (Tuesday 19 April)
• Sheila Cassidy, a doctor and author, imprisoned and tortured in Chile, who now works as a palliative care physician. (Wednesday 20 April)

Revd Richard Carter, priest at St Martin-in-the-Fields and organiser of the program:
• “We should remember the cross was an instrument of torture, and the brutality which crucifixion represents is still with us. If we really want to bring peace and healing to our world, we have to look directly into the face of violence and hear the story of the victim. Duffy’s artwork and these speakers together call us to confront the reality of suffering in our world and inspire us to bring hope and justice so that the unacceptable agony of the cross can become the beginning of transformation and change.”


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