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Video games are now an official art form in the US

vidgamesVideo games have been declared eligible for artistic funding says the US National Endowment for the Arts (NEA). This means they are recognized legally as being an art form. The NEA is a government program that funds various projects that enhance the public good. In simpler terms they are the group that decides the artistic projects that are worthy of federal funding.

A grant of up to $200,000 can be applied for by artists that want to create art for a public place and not sell it commercially. It seems as though this may also be true for game developers quite soon.

The new category is named The Arts and Media which was formerly known as The Arts on Radio and Television. It will still contain what it did before with television, film and radio artistic projects but it has been broadened to include Internet-based and satellite based media as well as interactive media.

It really is not that important this early in the stage of things whether or not the NEA will fund a video game in the near future. What is important and a big breakthrough for the industry is that the U.S. Federal government now considers video games are worthy of artistic merit.


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