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Virgin Airlines launch first art gallery in the sky

Upper class airlines passengers will now enjoy the luxury of going art shopping with Virgin launching the first ever art gallery at the height of 35,000 feet. The duty free ‘Gallery in the Air’ will host the first exhibition by London’s well renowned artist Ben Eine, who is known for his alphabet letter street art that adorns many shutters in London’s Shoreditch and Brick Lane areas.

This fascinating concept that has been brought in collaboration with Virgin Atlantic will let Eine exhibit and sell his art to passengers flying from London to New York. This exhibition will be on in planes between February 1 and 28, and artworks will be priced between £2,500 and £15,000.

Virgin’s clubhouses in places like London’s Heathrow, and JFK and Newark airports will be showing the bright canvases. When passengers will be in the flight, they’ll be able to enjoy a virtual tour of the fascinating ‘Gallery in the Air’, witness the behind-the-scenes footage from the making of the artworks by Eline, and then purchase the artworks.

Eine’s burst on the fame train when Prime Minister Cameron gifted one of his artworks to President Obama in 2010 on his first official visit. Eine has reportedly invested a lot of research in Virgin airline and its spearhead Richard Branson to come up with his first in-flight exhibition.

“Eine doesn’t follow the crowd and always comes up with different things. That’s exactly how we work. I am a huge fan of his art, and we are all elated to have him working with us. We are loving the mixing of things and having loads of fun,” said Richard Branson. Virgin airlines made a £100 million investment in the upper class cabin, and ‘Gallery in the Air’ is a part of the same.


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